Wildcats News · 2019-2020 Player Registration Directions – Returning Players

Returning players please read below…
1.  Go to www.eastwildcats.com (upper right hand corner select Register an Athlete)
2.  Login in to your account, Select Parent
3.  Select – Start new registration – it is on the left hand side of the screen.
** Here is what you should see, in order…
It will be a checklist
– . Select School – select ECHHS (as school, should be selected with our logo), click on it
– . Select an Athlete – Student name you want to register.  Parents with Multiple Kids will have multiple options here.  You can only do 1 kid at a time (sorry about that)
– . Select school year – select  2019-2020
– . Select a sport – I would check ever sport they have interest in, this way you only have to register once… Then double check to make sure it is correct.  hit submit
– . Additional opportunities will be next ( I would select no to this)
– . Registration checklist (Click ok) – it has 5 parts.
 a.    Part 1 is your checklist, it lists the 5 things, they will turn green once they are complete or say pending *(which Ms G and I will update daily)
 b.  Part 2
      – Electronics Documents. –  read / open both the NCHSAA and CHCCS consent forms.  Once you have opened and read, it will give you the options to agree to.  (Select I agree box)  – once this is done, you will notice that in selection 1, question two is now green.  You have to do one at a time.
c. Part 3 and 4:  Guardian and Student Signature
  – Please read statement on screen that you are the parent or guardian, check the box and electronically sign by writing your name as it appears on the screen for both you and your student athlete. (Now question 3 and 4 will be green at the top)
d. Additional requirement / physicals.
 — Please print the two forms first
1.  Concussion, must be signed and initials in every box by both Parent and student.  Then take a picture with your phone and upload it to the menu. I only need the signature page.
2. Physical form – if your student athletes physical is still valid and on file you are good. If it expires within a month you will see the upload new form button.
  Before your leave the doctors office… Please make sure the following is done.
 1.  Exam date is on your physical
 2. The doctor signed and stamped or put address on form.
** I cannot accept forms without an exam date and a doctor signature and stamp.
Both Concussion and Physical must be approved by myself or Ms G.  We will do this daily.  If you need a physical.  Free physical is July 31st at 6:00 pm.  I will post flyer to the website as soon as it is available.
Thanks and that is it.
Randy Trumbower
Athletic Director
East Chapel Hill High School
500 Weaver Dairy Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 969-2482 ext. 27423