Wildcats News · High School Teams Face a Difficult Calendar – The Local Reporter

The state championship wall at East Chapel Hill High’s Wildcat Gym.

By Jeff Hamlin

“When Randy Trumbower took his kids swimming at the YMCA of Meadowmont last Wednesday afternoon, he had a clear head.

It has been the most unusual August in his tenure as East Chapel Hill’s athletic director. Though there’s always work to do, he’s knew that this year’s athletic calendar would be delayed. With eight different sports to begin overseeing every fall, this is usually a stressful time.

But this was one August where he felt more at ease as he watched his kids in the water.

An hour later as he drove away from Meadowmont, he looked at his phone to find 22 missed phone calls and 64 new voice messages.

The peaceful, easy feeling was over.”   (full story link – click here)