Give me $5 Fundraiser

The Signature Field Program Fundraising Support Initiatives 

Both John Deere Signature Field Fundraising programs highlighted below create an opportunity to for your school or organization to access the finest equipment, service and intelligence once only enjoyed by professional and major college sports programs/ facilities.


The Give Me Five Program 

The Give Me Five Program is designed with your school or organization in mind. It provides the opportunity for you to build a long term, sustainable budget for your school’s sports and facilities needs.


Goals of the Program:
To activate parents, students, grandparents and community stakeholders in an affordable ($5.00 per month) fundraising program that is easy to launch, maintain and grow.


Benefits of the Give Me Five Program:
Through this program, you can scale your efforts around ongoing needs, not interfere with you current donor family, and develop a six figure war chest that you can truly count on.


How do we get people on board:
Identify a group of passionate parents and existing supports. A methodology that works well is to find 25 that will introduce the concept to 10 (relatives, friends, customers, etc). The 10 that are targeted by each of the 25 would be asked to spread the word to 5 of their friends and so on.


If you were to have 1,000 participants in the Give Me Five Program each giving $5.00 per month, you would actualize $60,000 in annual giving.


What happens over time:
The program has a long term annuity benefit. For when parents/supporters children graduate, they keep giving their $5.00 per month.

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