Athletic Participation Forms

Here are the forms you need for registration.  Please add your new concussion form (they are done yearly, expire on June 30th, no matter of when you sign)

Concussion Form:    GW_SAPLG_ConcussionInform-20-211

Concussion form in Spanish:  SpanishGW_SAPLG_ConcussionInform-20-21

Physical form last 395 days.  The NCHSAA has given all students athletes an extension this year.  If you had a physical after 3/1/2019, you are good until 6/30/2021.  Please complete a new family history (page 1 and 2 of the below document) and upload to RMA.

Physical Form: Bilingual_NCHSAASportsPreparticipationPhysicalExaminationForm

New this year, this page will be handed into me or Ms G at your 1st day of practice, all students will be required to have this document signed by both Parent and student athletes.  They may not participate without it.

COVID – 19 Initial screening:  Initial_Screening_Form

Negative form: Return_to_Play_Form -_after_a negative_COVID-19_test_result

Positive form:  Return_to_Play_Form  -_after_a_positive_COVID-19_test_result


The following forms are on RMA as check boxes, you do not need to print or return these

NCHSAA Consent: NCHSAA forms has been taking off NCHSAA Website to rewrite.  You will not have to do anything different with this. Other form, on RMA will work

CHCCS Consent: 20-21_EligtoParticipate-English_0